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Physiological sea salt

Physiological sea salt is a 100% natural, clinically proven nasal spray that can naturally relieve nasal congestion, thin mucus and effectively clean the nasal cavity, helping to prevent infection. This is ideal for regular nasal hygiene and relief of congestion. Seawater is not only a "salt" solution, but also naturally contains more than 80 mineral salts and trace elements needed by the human body, such as iron (Fe), zinc (Zn), copper (Cu), chromium (Cr), manganese ( Mn), iodine (I), selenium (Se), etc.。
Hypertonic sea salt2.3%
Isotonic sea salt0.9%


过敏性鼻炎是非常常见的,它会影响生活质量,并可能导致更严重的疾病,例如哮喘,它的危害被严重低估。流行病学在过去的60年中,呼吸道过敏的频率不断上升。这通常被称为“ 过敏性流行病 ”。关于卫生增加的假设是流行的理论之一:在我们的早期生活中,我...



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