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Good care of your little nose often helps to maintain their overall health. When babies and children are sick, it is best to use natural remedies whenever possible. Regular use of "Dampela" for nasal cavity cleaning helps to flush out excess mucus, infectious diseases captured in the mucus, such as viruses and bacteria, allergens, pollutants and other impurities, to promote nasal breathing while keeping the nasal cavity healthy, It also helps protect him/her from nasal and secondary ENT infections. When your baby/child has nasal congestion, Dampela will help relieve nasal congestion while actively removing mucus and trapped impurities while catching a cold or allergic rhinitis. It can help thick viscous mucus to be thinner and easier to eliminate, especially because the villain cannot or won't blow snot. Dampera physiological sea salt can relieve nasal symptoms and help restore nasal breathing naturally, while helping to prevent further infections from spreading to the middle ear (otitis media), sinuses (sinusitis) or lower respiratory tract (eg bronchiolitis).

In the first few months of life, babies breathe almost completely through their noses, so they suck with their mouths. In fact, babies can breathe, suck, and swallow at the same time. When the baby is blocked by crying, the baby will breathe through the mouth, so nasal congestion (swelling of the nasal tissue, that is, hyperemia or accumulation of mucus) may cause crying, difficulty feeding and sleeping, and make life difficult for you and your child and family. Mucus secretion is a natural mechanism for hydrating inhaled air and capturing infectious agents and other impurities. However, babies cannot blow their noses on the body, and mucus may accumulate, thereby blocking the nasal passages. Mucus accumulation may increase the risk of infection, such as ordinary Colds and flu, increased mucus and swelling of the nose due to nasal infections will cause difficulty breathing. Whether it is the accumulation of mucus alone or swelling of the nasal tissue, the baby will have trouble breathing and needs to be relieved.

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Dampella physiological sea salt is an all-natural nasal solution that relieves your child’s nasal congestion, thins and removes excess nasal mucus and residual impurities, and keeps his/her nose healthy, while helping to avoid using it when necessary Topical drugs. 100% natural nasal decongestant, completely safe, without preservatives, additives or pharmaceutical substances, such as steroids or antihistamines, and without side effects such as dryness of nasal tissue, habitual formation or lethargy. Dampera physiological sea salt can be used alone as a natural decongestant, or it can be used in combination with prescription drugs to help improve the overall therapeutic effect.
Acute bronchiolitis is the most common lower respiratory tract infection in infants and children under two years of age, and it is also the main reason for hospitalization. Many viruses can cause bronchiolitis. It is usually caused by respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). When an infected person coughs or sneezes or touches a shared object and puts his hand in his mouth, it spreads through tiny water droplets. The bronchiole-the smallest airway in the lungs-is infected and inflamed, and mucus accumulates. As a result, the amount of air flowing into and out of the lungs is reduced, resulting in difficulty breathing. Bronchiolitis initially had symptoms similar to the common cold, such as blocked nose and runny nose, sometimes accompanied by a mild fever, but soon developed into cough, wheezing and even difficulty breathing. In about 2-3% of cases, it may lead to hospitalization. Apart from supporting care such as nasal cleansing, infusion and feeding, there is no other specific treatment for bronchiolitis, but the use of aerosolized hypertonic saline solution can help reduce airway swelling and thin airway mucus, thereby reducing airway Blocked.
Acute bronchiolitis
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